What is this all about, anyway?

The Cooperative Trust began three years ago as a way to encourage young credit union employees to get involved in the credit union industry. The “Crash the GAC” event was the first event attended by members of the Trust and brought an enthusiastic group of credit union employees, age 30 and under, to the nation’s capital.

Fast forward three years. The “Crashers” grew in age and number and, now, grow in scope.

The National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA) has partnered with the Cooperative Trust to bring more young professionals into the cooperative business space. Thus, this is the first ever “Crash NCBA” event. If you’re a young person who works in a cooperative (or know one who is), we want you to be a part of it all.

From October 2 to October 5 of this year, you’ll be joining us at the NCBA’s Annual Meeting and Co-Op Conference in Seattle, WA. You’ll be learning from co-op creators and motivators, attending great breakout sessions, and, most importantly, hanging out with an amazing and dynamic group of people.

Some questions you may be asking:

How many spots are there?

We’re limiting it to 15 spots.

Are we really “crashing”It seems dangerous. 

No, you’re not technically crashing anything. This event is sponsored in part by the NCBA. What this is, technically, is a scholarship aimed at getting more young folks involved in the cooperative business world.

You know…a scholarship.

Who can come?

The core group is cooperative business professionals under 30. That said, we’re willing to give some wiggle room to “under 30.” If you’re 32 and desperate to attend, we may let you go…but that depends on the strength of your cause and your application. Be bold and you’ll keep us from second guessing ourselves.

How can I convince my boss to let me go?

Hopefully, your employer sees the value in an educated, dedicated, motivated employee. If he/she/they does/do not, consider sweetening the pot with our Six Reasons to Crash.

So the total cost will be?

Your plane ticket +  housing. That’s it.  We’re working on sponsors for housing, so if you of anyone, let us know.