Six Reasons to Crash

Is it worth it to crash with us? George Hofheimer, Chief Research + Innovation Officer of the Filene Research Institute, has composed a list of 6 reasons why your cooperative should send you to Crash NCBA:

1. As a future leader in the cooperative system, I need to know what the issues of the future are.

2. All the leading thinkers will be there, if I come back with just one idea it will more than pay for my time/expense.

3. This event will motivate me as an employee and help me better engage with the larger cooperative system.

4. This is a “test before you buy” experiment: you are not paying for a full blown registration to NCBA, just a low-cost alternative which is aligned with today’s challenges.

5. What better time to think beyond the walls of our cooperative? The competition is reeling, let’s get new ideas to take advantage of the situation.

6. I have no/little contacts outside our local market, building a network of other young, dedicated cooperative leaders will help me do my job better.